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Welcome to Alchemy Counseling.

You are courageous.  I would be honored to walk alongside you on your healing journey.

A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

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About Me.

Hi, my name is Laura Panczak, MA, LPC, LAC (she, her, hers). I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor located in Denver, Colorado.

Considering to participate in healing takes courage. Change and transformation are difficult; it takes courage, work, and patience to heal. Using a empathic and person-centered approach I will walk alongside you in your counseling and recovery journey. Are you finding yourself stuck in old habits and using the same coping mechanisms? Are you feeling ashamed and frustrated when you are unable to move past obstacles. Are you feeling frequently anxious and not finding as much joy in daily life as you used to? Therapy can be effective and beneficial with gaining new perspectives.

My specialties include addiction, anxiety, depression, grief/loss from autoimmune diseases, OCD, Life Transitions, and Career Counseling.  Addiction comes in many forms; substances, food, shopping, process addictions (gaming, computer, phones), sex, and much more.
Modalities that I am experienced with are; DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, narrative, somatic, person-centered, trauma-informed, intuitive based approaches. I am available on nights and weekends with flexible hours to accommodate most schedules. I am also available for couples and family counseling.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free phone consultation.

Services Offered

The first contact is always challenging. I would love to help ease your anxiety and am happy to offer free consultation to determine if Alchemy Counseling is the right fit for you. We can discuss your treatment goals and make an individual plan that's right for you.

Individual Therapy or Couples Therapy

You might be thinking, "Don't I have to be in crisis to go to therapy?" or "Doesn't my relationship have to be awful to go seek out a Couples Therapist?" Actually no. Many people seek out individual therapy when they are dealing with life transitions, or mental health symptoms that they are tired of living with. Likewise, you can have a good, strong relationship and be dealing with communication issues. The choice to enroll in therapy doesn't make you weak, it makes you courageous.

Career Counseling

I am certified to administer and interpret the MBTI Meyers Briggs. Are you feeling like you don't quite know what you want to do or what makes you happy in your work life? The MBTI is a great personality tool that can greatly assist with choosing an occupation. It can also be beneficial with personal growth and couples therapy


Addiction comes in many forms; Substance Use Disorders, Shopping, Gambling, Process Addiction, Food, Sex, and anything else that might be intrusive to everyday functioning.

Addiction also takes a toll on the family and support system. I am available to work with loved ones who have someone in their lives who suffers from addiction.


Anxiety can affect people both physically and emotionally and can be incredibly scary. I specialize with several therapeutic techniques related to anxiety.

Alopecia and Hair-Loss

Loosing your hair can be incredibly traumatic and devastating. Identity is often tied alongside physical appearance and can be life changing to deal with. There is hope. We can create an individualized plan suited to your needs.


Depression can present as the inability to find pleasure in the things that used to make you happy. Although common, depression can have devastating effects on the person affected and their family. There is hope. I have experience in working with evidence based modalities such as DBT and CBT, as well as, other eclectic interventions to assist with depression.

Service Fees

60 Minute Individual Session $100
90 Minute Individual $140

60 Minute Couples Session $135
90 Minute Couples Session $200

If you are experiencing a financial hardship I may be able to accommodate a sliding scale. Don't hesitate to ask!

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